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July 26, 2017

Presentation for the 2017 Young Brokers Conference

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Below is the slide deck from a presentation I gave to the annual Young Brokers Conference (YBC) in Niagara Falls last month. An energetic group of 124 young up and comers in the industry were given a case study of a stagnant brokerage that wasn’t growing and had a pile of other issues.

I along with a few other presenters spoke about different topics that they could consider in presenting their business cases for what would kick start the brokerage into a modern age of success.

My presentation was on metrics and not flying your brokerage blind. We went over evaluating lead sources and closing ratios to boil out your cost per acquisition.

Every lead cost you something. Every lead has a closing ratio, Those two combined will give you your acquisition cost and scalability.

Please enjoy and feel free to fire over any questions. you might have.

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