What is All-Risk coverage?

At a glance: There are many ways you can enhance your standard auto insurance policy to be more fully protected. If you are thinking about adding Collision or Upset coverage or maybe Comprehensive coverage sounds like a wise choice, then All-Risk, also know as All Perils coverage might be your best option.

What does All-Risk coverage protect?

All-Risk coverage provides a very thorough package of protection. It combines the protection offered by:

  • Collision or Upset coverage, which covers damage due to collisions or if your car rolls over. Learn more
  • Comprehensive coverage, which covers damage due to vandalism or caused by a tree falling on your car, or any other flying or falling object. Learn more
  • Plus additional coverage which includes scenarios such as:
    • Someone living with you steals the insured vehicle
    • An employee who drives your car or someone where you service the vehicle damages it or steals it
    • Fire, theft, damage from hail, lightning, wind, rising water, earthquake, riot, etc

Why choose All-Risk coverage?

With such thorough coverage, you can rest easy knowing you are protected from just about any kind of damage to your vehicle. While it is hard to think of an exception, it’s always a good idea to ask about possible exceptions when discussing insurance of any kind.

List of all auto insurance coverage options

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Choose your deductible

No matter which optional coverage you decide to have or not, you can lower your insurance rate by agreeing to accept a higher deductible. This means if you need to make a claim, you have agreed to pay for the first $1,000 for example, if you had a $1,000 deductible in your policy instead of a $500 deductible.

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