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March 29, 2016

4 important car insurance tips you need to know!

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Everyone wants to save money on their car insurance – why spend more than you have to, right? So here are some important car insurance tips that will definitely save you money or at least prevent a nasty surprise when you find out you’re no longer insured.

1. Don’t miss an insurance payment

We know how it is…life is busy and you didn’t realize your bank account was so low. If this could happen to you, you might want to consider overdraft protection because one payment you do not want to miss is an insurance payment. Insurance companies take missed payments very seriously (to be fair, what company likes missed payments?) and you should take it seriously too. You could be faced with cancellation or a lapse in coverage depending on your policy. If your policy lapses, you will probably be paying higher rates with your next insurer.

2. Tell your insurer about your new vehicle!

Okay so you’re excited about getting a new car but don’t forget to call you insurer and tell them about it! In fact, it is usually a good idea to talk to them before you buy a new vehicle to find out what insurance would cost for the make and model you’re considering. Most insurance companies will extend some sort of coverage automatically to your new automobile but not indefinitely. The sooner you call the better so you won’t risk driving without coverage. And that is the ‘lapse in coverage’ mentioned above that you definitely want to avoid!

3. You already know this one: DON’T DRINK and DRIVE

It just isn’t worth taking the chance for so many good reasons, and one more reason is to hang on to lower insurance rates. The ride fare or hotel room is cheaper than the cost of the ticket and the resulting effect on your insurance rates. And for all of the other good reasons, please don’t even risk it.

4. Neither a borrower nor a lender be

So Shakespeare was definitely not talking about cars when he wrote this but it really, really applies to cars! Borrowing is one thing but if you loan your car out to somebody, did you know your driving record goes with it? If the person driving your car gets into an accident and is found to be at fault, the accident goes on your record. And an accident claim could certainly make your rates go up when renewal time comes around.

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