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March 14, 2016

How to reduce your risks for cheaper car insurance

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If you’re like most people, you’re looking for ways to get lower car insurance rates. The real challenge here is to minimize insurance costs while remaining protected with the right amount of coverage.

Ways to reduce your risk factors

Ideally you want to reduce the risk factors that lead to claims. The less risky you look to the insurance company, the less it will cost to insure you. Here are some ways to reduce your risk factors:

  1. Drive defensively: Avoid car accidents by driving defensively and never take a chance of driving while impaired
  2. To claim or not to claim? If you have an accident, you have to consider the cost vs. benefit of filing a claim. If you make the claim you will receive a settlement but the cost of your insurance could rise for many years to come
  3. Install an anti-theft system: ‘nuff said!
  4. Don’t loan out your car: Watch who you lend your car to; when you lend your car, you lend your insurance record with it
  5. Keep your driving record clean: avoid those costly tickets!
  6. Install a tracking device: There are new high tech ways to save up to an additional 30% on car insurance simply by putting a tracking device in your vehicle. The insurance companies pay for the device and you earn discounts if you drive less, have slower acceleration and more moderate braking. If you are already a safe driver, you should really consider doing this to save more money than the average driver. There is no way for your policy to go up; worst case is you don’t earn the discount

These are just a few examples of ways to reduce risk, which can mean lower car insurance rates for you now and in the years to come.

Comparison shopping for lower car insurance rates

It’s always a good idea to shop around to find the lowest insurance rates but many people don’t realize that an insurance broker will do the shopping for you! This is because they already represent a number of different insurance companies. Instead of dealing with a bank or an agent who represent only one company, take advantage of an insurance broker who will shop for you saving you time and money.

Get lower car insurance rates today

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