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March 7, 2016

Trip cancellation insurance

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For many of us, our holiday is a highly planned and greatly anticipated event, so a cancelled or interrupted vacation can be extremely disappointing. Even worse is the out-of-pocket costs of cancelling or terminating your holiday due to prepaid non-refundable travel arrangements. That’s why the travel-savvy always include trip cancellation insurance as part of their plans.

What is trip cancellation insurance?

Trip cancellation insurance, also known as trip interruption insurance, can come to the rescue handling unexpected expenses when a vacation has gone off the rails. Whether from injury, illness, or an unforeseen event that is completely out of your control, there are a number of reasons why you might need to cancel your plans, which can lead to a significant loss of money. Conversely, certain events might lead to an unexpected extension of your vacation, also causing increased costs ranging from added travel expenses to extra hotel costs to the loss of prepaid non-refundable travel arrangements.

What does trip interruption insurance cover?

When you buy trip cancellation insurance, you remove the uncertainty of travel and replace it with the peace of mind knowing that you have covered all your bases before you left town. Specifically, travel interruption insurance options protect you as follows:

  • Trip cancellation before departure: Sometimes it becomes necessary to cancel your plans before you even have a chance to leave the house, and this coverage is designed to meet those conditions. This coverage recoups the cost of non-refundable deposits and cancellation charges for your travel arrangements.
  • Trip cancellation after departure: Based on the cost of your travels, trip interruption insurance will reimburse you up to a specified amount if you are forced to return home early or extend your trip owing to travel delays or other difficulties.
  • Subsistence allowance: If you have extra expenses as a result of specific travel situations, subsistence allowance reimburses the cost of commercial lodging, food, toiletries, and cab fare or car rental, up to a specified amount.

Be sure to consider the total value of your travel plans to get the full range of coverage options available.

Trip cancellation insurance quotes

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