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July 15, 2020

A short pause for the team that never stops

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The Mitch team has been working super-hard throughout the pandemic to help our customers get through it. When COVID-19 hit in March, we were one of the first businesses in Ontario to be fully remote to protect both our team and our customers, and since then, we’ve not only maintained our high standards of customer care, we’ve exceeded them.

In fact, our service team’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) since April 1st is the highest its ever been, far exceeding insurance industry standards. That’s determined strictly through customer feedback. While handling an increase in requests from customers needing to make changes to their policies, and battling a number of technical challenges related to working from home, our award-winning team has actually gotten better. Our sales team, meanwhile, has set new records for setting new customers up with the coverage they need. After an initial lull when the pandemic began, they too have been handling a record number of requests from Ontarians looking for insurance options. And they’ve come through with flying colours, both for the customers and for the business. We at Mitch feel so incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing team, and the best customers in the world! Since COVID-19 hit in March, our fast-growing business has continued to expand, adding new teammates as we speak, and only getting stronger for our customers. Meanwhile, the at-home experience has taught us a whole lot about how to use technology to be an even better brokerage. For all that we want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our fantastic team that has taken on every challenge and always delivered the exceptional experience our customers deserve. As a small token of our appreciation, the we’re giving the team a couple of extra long weekends during the summer, so they can recharge their batteries and come back even stronger. Mitch Insurance Brokers will be closed on July 17-18 and August 21-22, because we think that saying thank you matters. Please excuse the inconvenience.

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Al Maggi Writer

Al Maggi is Mitch's senior writer and content editor. Al works closely with other members of the Mitch broker and executive team to make complex insurance topics understandable, and simpler ones interesting and informative.

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