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November 17, 2016

Is standard auto insurance enough?

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Did you know that the accident benefits are being combined and reduced on auto insurance policies renewing on or after June 1st, 2016? It is part of the efforts by our Ontario government to lower car insurance rates in our province. We are as happy as anyone to have lower insurance rates, but are you happy with how your coverage has changed?

An unfortunate example

A very sad accident happened to 34-year-old Adam Bari on June 1st just as the reduced accident benefits started going into effect. Mr. Bari driving a motorcycle in Hamilton was hit by another vehicle leaving him with brain and other serious orthopaedic injuries. Mr. Bari was not at fault for the accident. As a family man with twins, they need all the support they can possibly get for rehabilitation and ongoing care services. Meanwhile the limit for catastrophic injury benefits is in the process of being reduced from $2 million to $1 million.

The choice is yours

The reduced accident benefits come into effect with policies being renewed on or after June 1st, 2016.Whether you have already renewed your auto policy or your renewal date is approaching, you have the choice to increase your coverage limits for accident benefits. Your options include:

  1. For non-catastrophic injuries:
    • Increase benefits to $130,000 in total instead of $65,000, or
    • Increase them to $1 million in total
  2. For catastrophic injuries:
    • Add $1 million in coverage, which gives you $2 million in total
    • If you wish, add the $2 million (in 2a) with the optional $1 million for non-catastrophic (in 1b) for a combined total of $3 million in benefits

The increase to your monthly premiums can be quite low so for the peace of mind and added protection for your family, you may wish to consider choosing some of these optional accident benefits.

Learn more about Statutory Accident Benefits Coverage as well as all auto insurance coverage options in Ontario.

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