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Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc. (DGIG) is a subsidiary of the Desjardins Group, the largest financial cooperation in Canada, and provides personal coverage for Ontario, Alberta, and Quebec.

Desjardins General Insurance Group Inc.

HeadquartersLévis, Québec
Employees1,800+ (2023)
Canadian Mkt. Share (As Desjardins-Group)*9.00% (2022)
Insurance ProductsAuto, RV, Motorcycle, Homeowners, Tenant, Condo, Travel, Life, Health, Loan & credit, Group, and Pet Insurance
* Of all private P&C in Canada by net premiums written, excluding life and purely A&S companies.

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Company Overview

Specializing in Home and Auto coverage with an emphasis on auto insurance products, Desjardins Insurance offers various discounts for low-risk drivers in Ontario and Alberta.

Desjardins coverage is good fit for customers that don’t need any commercial insurance with their personal insurance, as the company focuses primarily on personal coverage such as home and auto products.

Desjardins Insurance offers a full range of personal (non-commercial) insurance products, including home, auto, and tenant insurance, as well as specialized coverage for recreational vehicles and pets. Desjardins has maintained its good standing, both with the community it has served for over 40 years, and the insurance brokers that facilitate the transactions between the company and its loyal clients.

Customers trust Desjardins Insurance for:

  • Access to multi-line discounts to give clients comprehensive coverage at a friendly price
  • Home and auto insurance that provides coverage of a diverse range of different risks
  • Rewards for participation in home and auto savings programs

Desjardins Insurance Advantages

The 3rd-largest insurance agency in Canada, Desjardins covers over 2 million customers in Alberta and Ontario and has become a trusted option in Ontario for home, auto and tenant insurance, as well as specialty vehicle and pet coverage. The company offers peace of mind through its reputation and involvement with the Desjardins Group and the fact that as one of Canada’s largest insurers, it has the financial resources to provide comprehensive coverage to policy owners. Some of the advantages of using Desjardins insurance for your personal insurance include:

  • Intuitive Discounts – Many insurance companies offer discounts to their customers, but Desjardins is a company that provides a particularly impressive range of discount options to clients. Ranging from standard multi-line discounts to discounts for risk-averse driving as measured by an innovative telematics program, Desjardins offers customers savings around every corner.
  • Diverse, Specialized Coverage Options – Desjardins makes it easy for customers to acquire coverage for their unique home and auto needs. They allow customers to include vehicles like ATVs and recreational motor homes under their automobile policy with ease, and cover boats and personal watercraft under home policies, meaning that diverse sets of circumstances can all be covered under the same umbrella.
  • Innovative, Customer-First Coverage – From Desjardins auto-adjacent product Ajusto, a telematics technology that tracks a user’s driving habits and offers instant discounts through the company’s app, to a multi-tiered, extensive range of pet insurance products, Desjardins ensures that their products are extremely customer-friendly. This is even evidenced by an extremely well-organized website, which directs current clients and prospective new ones to almost any information they need to find.

Desjardins Insurance Products

Desjardins Insurance offers a variety of standard home, rental, and auto products, as well as coverage in non-standard areas such as watercraft and specialty vehicles, and pets. Home, Auto, and Tenant insurance coverage with Desjardins can usually be bundled for multi-line discounts.

Auto Insurance

Desjardins is known for covering a wide range of vehicles:

  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • Motorcyles
  • Off-road Vehicles
  • Motor Homes and RVs
  • Snowmobiles

As Desjardins specializes in auto coverage, this is the area where it offers the most impressive list of discounts, including:

  • Discounts for using winter tires during inclement weather
  • Multi-vehicle discounts
  • The use of the Ajusto progam through the company’s official mobile app provides a snapshot of a user’s driving habits after a sufficient amount of time and offers immediate and responsive discounts to reward risk-averse driving.

Home and Tenant Insurance

With very few exceptions, Desjardins Insurance covers your permanent, seasonal or rental residences with a variety of coverage options.

  • Home (House, Condo, Apartment)
  • Seasonal Property
  • Rental Property

The company also offers several major property coverage discounts, including:

  • A major discount if sufficient time is passed with a property claim
  • Discounts for verified use of alarms
  • Multi-line discounts for bundling home and auto products

Pet Insurance

One area where Desjardins Insurance is truly unique is in their coverage of personal pets. The company offers coverage plans for pets with favourable deductibles and multiple levels of coverage for accidents, medical care and other animal health and wellness needs, so that pet owners can choose the one that fits them and their pet.

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Desjardins Insurance Reviews

1.2/5 (46 Reviewers)
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Rate stability
Document delivery
Desjardins General Insurance
Head Office:
, P.O. Box 7065, Station A, Mississauga, ON L5A 4K7, Canada
Phone Number: 1-888-785-5502
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Rip off artists

This company is the worst insurance company I have ever dealt with! DO NOT buy any insurance from them! They will never honour their policy! Biggest ripoff artists on the planet!

Peter Markopoulos
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

To be avoided!

I was with Desjardins auto insurance for about 5 years. I have an impeccable driving record, no accidents or demerit points. This year, I noticed that, for no reason whatsoever, they decided to hike up my insurance to the amount it was the first year I leased my vehicle. I decided not to renew with them. Instead of calling to cancel my policy, I figured it would be cancelled automatically. Much to my dismay, I was told by Desjardins that it had automatically renewed anyway (without my approval). In turn, even though I did call the company to officially cancel the policy a few weeks later, I was told by a very impolite sales representative that I would be charged one full month of insurance plus cancellation fees. The amount totalled $281! Ridiculous. I couldn't believe it. Do yourself a favour and avoid this organization. They are dishonest, money grabbing crooks who are looking to scam whatever money they can out of you. Shame.

David Paquette
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Horrible Service and Results

The Insurance service makes up requirements for non-existing documents from the repair company.

Then, when they can not provide this fictitious document, you are required to pay out full coverage of your rental vehicle.

Ridiculous and horrid service. If there was a zero rating they would get this.

Tom Rzepecki
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars


They are just terrible, they ignore you, they confuse you on purpose, they lie, and do everything in their power not to help you in case of an insurance claim and make sure you end up at fault so you are stuck with them! they have intentionally not contacted the other insurance company which is required by law. I tried to file a complaint and have gotten threats via phone and email!! I am building a case against them and taking it to the Ombudsmen.

Jonathan Loree
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Irresponsible with personnel info

I’ve been a client of Desjardins/ State Farm for 40 years but I am finding another company now. Without a reason offered my mail started to be delivered to my old address. An address I have not lived at for 3 years. My agent knows my address because I have/ had my house insurance with them. All my personal information was delivered to a stranger renting from my old condo in North York. This happened not once but twice even after I notified them I wasn’t receiving my mail. Gross negligence on their part putting my personal information in jeopardy. Then when reported it to complaints they tried to sell me identity theft insurance! Are you kidding me??? I couldn’t be more disgusted with how everything went. I will never trust Desjardins with my personal information again and neither should you.

Nancy Isaac
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Worlds most expensive Car Insurance

I got quoted close to $11,000 a year because unfortunately my car was stolen. I already lost the car, they barely covered any of the cost and now for my new car they are increasing the cost of insurance for my new car. This is given with me being with this insurance company for 17 years!!

Sophie Boulerice
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Horrible! Worth a read before even calling for a quote.

Where do I even start.

In 2022 I decided to open a policy with Desjardins insurance. Started okay.

Then in 2023, Desjardins renewed my policy and charged my credit card for a FULL YEAR. WITHOUT my approval. Is that even legal??? Did I sign off on this?

I then proceed with calling them to cancel my policy. After a couple of days and MANY calls. They came to the conclusion they could not find my policy and so I did not have one. "have I been driving all this time without any insurance??" how could this happen. I called yet again, finally they "found" my policy. I continue to tell them to cancel.

March 20th 2023, they finally agree to cancel. keep in mind this was over the phone. Vivian confirmed the cancellation fee and how much I would get back for the unused months.

Here we are, August 31st 2023, I get a call to upgrade my policy. I inform them that the policy was supposed to be cancelled. apparently, Vivian never cancelled it. She said she never received my email confirming the confirmation.

Keep in mind, They previously charged me for a full year with out my authorization but then can't cancel with out a written confirmation. HOW DOES THIS MAKE SENSE.

Waste of money. This company scams people and I will NEVER refer them.

I would suggest to goo with Co-operators car insurance. I was with them previously AND right now and never had an issue with them. Also great prices for what they offer.

Judy Henry
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Very disappointed

I am a senior who has been with Desjardins for 9yrs. At first things were fine now they’re not. I am 74 accident free drive local in Collingwood and they keep hiking my rate every year it goes up. Ridiculous…thk god I found an insurance company to switch to can’t wait to get rid of Desjardins.
Very disappointed.

Daniel Johnson
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

A #1 to a great organization, team.

Good day good people. Desjardin as my insurance provider has been an amazing experience. Communication and clarity is important in any relationship. Last summer I lost my wallet in Montreal, it was recovered by a good Samaritan who found Desjardin card in my wallet. Desjardin called me and arranged for a pick up. It was an amazing experience, it felt good that they didn’t seemed bothered, I got several calls until they reached me.

Besides that, Desjardin offers great ideas and opportunities to earn better rating’s. I currently have 3 modes of transportation policy. They have been very understanding of financial situations that were affected by the pandemic, and offered great ways to save even more.

I recommend the good people at Desjardin as your way to go. If you’ve had complaints, ask to speak maybe to another agent.

J Burnett
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Horrible to Deal with

I have had many dealings with this company inside the insurance industry and I would warn anyone from using them for home insurance. They are difficult to contact, slow to respond, and will try as hard as possible to pay the least amount possible when paying out a claim. They seem to try to wear down their customers to the point of being so frustrated that they agree to extremely unfair payouts just so as not to have to deal with them anymore. I would recommend staying as far away from this company as possible.

Gordon Redford
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Don’t buy Desjardins

They insured our travel trailer policy for two years as a residence that we live in year round. Then decided to cancel our policy because they no longer want to carry that type of policy. They lied because after two years they are still covering my next door neighbor. We are a disabled seniors on government benefits. We never had a claim or missed a payment. They lied and today they phoned and could not give a reasonable excuse. They ** us and are crooks.

Joel M
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Worst insurance company ever

These people dont care at all about you or your property. They have no problem taking your money but if something does happen they will refuse to speak to you, rip you off and ignore all evidence provided. Do yourself a favor and run from this garbage company.

D Joyce
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Fraudulent company ignores my request for funds returned

A venting moment: After almost two months, and still haven’t received my funds, and this after a dozen phone calls to their “gate keepers”. Simple solution and they won’t comply, and it appears they effectively are waiting me out to drop it, and my $2,200. Short story: Electronic send of my Desjardins RRSP to bank, and wrong transit number results in funds deposited to a different customer. Bank says Desjardins need only officially request funds be returned, and the bank is obligated to return them, but Desjardins won’t send this request. Why? I am getting stonewalled, so I can only assume this company is flagrantly fraudulent. Bank sighed when I mentioned Desjardins, so I must assume this is normal practice. Where is the honorable leadership for this company??? DO NOT GET TRAPPED BY THIS COMPANY.

Natalie Marrello
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars


This has been the worst experience ever !!! Home insurance is the worst for claims!! They will make you do 1500 lists for them to review and then tell you the list is wrong when you fill it out!!! Waste of time and completely frustrating!!! Save yourself the hassle and do not even bother with this insurance company !!!!! If I could give minus stars I would !!!

Joel Moore
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Dont use this company

Desjardin does not care about you in the slightest. They will lie, cheat and steal your money. Need an answer, you wont get it from them. Need help, you wont get it here. If you do file a claim they will lie to pay you out as little as possible. All they want is your money with no strings attached. Even their managers are useless. If [name redacted] is your claims advisor you are definitely screwed, and you wont know you are screwed for weeks because she cant reply to anyone unless her boss explicitly tells her to. Worst insurance company ever!

Guillaume Tanguay
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Worst insurance companies

They did not pay my invalidity, they asked for the same paperwork over and over , I kept sending and the papers filled up. They keep sending the same paperwork, and they are just making sure you get bored or end up in the street so they don’t have to pay. They are just scammers.

Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Not trustworthy

The rate might dramatically at the time of renewal. No justification given. Intentionally trapping customers

Me Client
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Will be looking for another provider

Had an accident.
Under home insurance.
Required surgery after fall.
Found out Co will only refund up to $5000 in the first year
in medical receipts. No liability coverage.
Basically a joke if compare extend of injury.
Wish would of known about this sight, would of switched companies. 1.5* company says it all.
Been with this co 35 years, time to move on.

Corey Johnson
Rating: 1.5 1.5 /5 stars

Do they know I am a human?

I had really positive interactions with my agent Anne Bourne and her assistant Liz, but this company does not follow through on their promises. Even the agent was shocked.

What happened? I was hit by another driver and ended up without a car for 3 weeks, while it took a total of 12 weeks to resolve my claim. The agent and the company always assured me I had rental car coverage and up-sold me to insurance that was “supposed to return me to how things were before the accident”. Nope. Not even close. 12 weeks later and $2500 of my own money gone for a fender bender that was someone else cited at fault. Don’t be fooled by Desjardins. Keep looking, cheaper and better customer oriented insurance is about anywhere but here. —Corey Johnson, former customer (2015-2021)

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Terrible don’t use

They won’t get back to you. They do everything they can to give you the cheapest repair even if it’s not the correct repair. Terrible experience with them costumer service wise, and claim wise. Do NOT go with Dejardins

Darren K
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Health Insurance waste

This insurer is a waste of money to considering how little you actually get for what you pay and the hoops you have to jump through. Better off going with Sunlife.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Lies and most expensive insurance company.

I had my insurance with Desjardins Insurance for 3 years now and got a big raise this year. I live in a place that never had any flooding, which was their reason for such a raise. I sent a request for submissions to 6 companies, and Desjardins are THE MOST EXPENSIVE. Got a submission of $200 less per year, and 10K more of goods declared. Never had a single reclamation in my hole life; I asked them to review my case and lower the annual price and was told I would have to pay the huge raise for flooding reasons; I NEVER HAD A FLOODING IN THE 25 YEARS IVE BEEN LIVING HERE. So I canceled all of my insurances for home and pets and will take the car insurance also with someone else. Best way to loose customer is to lie to them.

Benjamin Schorer
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Just Don’t!!!!

It took them three months to do the underwriting, The excluded almost everything that was wrong with my dog, Their service is terrible, and they don’t even include all of the claims that are included. They are fraudulent company, I will be taking them to court.

Katherine Moetimer
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Amazing serivce

I have to say that my entire family has switched to
Desjardins because of Melissa Reinecker! She provided us with speedy informative information that made sense and we had an easy transition to the company. Thank you Melissa for your quality and professional work, we will refer anyone and everyone to you!

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Not worth the cheap rates

I’ve had 2 claims while insured with Desjardins’ auto insurance and let me tell you, I have never in my entire life had to deal with a company that has given me this many headaches and caused this much stress in my life.
On the first claim I was told that I was NOT at fault and that my rate only went up $30/month because all of Desjardins’ rates went up that year. Only to find out 2 years later that I actually was at fault and this is the reason that my rates were higher.
For the 2nd claim they quoted the damage and told me my car was a write-off and then told me I would receive around $7000 for the value of my car. I had to fight with Desjardins’ for 3 months to get a fair payment. And after those 3 months they actually ended up giving me around $8800. They just saw another opportunity to screw over a customer and they went for it.
Trust me as a customer of Desjardins Auto insurance for 3 years, it is well worth it to pay the extra $10-20/month for a better company who will actually have your back in your time of vulnerability.

afshin Tajarrod
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

city contractor

I had a rear end accident and Desjardins Insurance recommended this body shop, my car trunk door after the accident closed like before the accident just fine. But after coming out of this body shop “You must close the trunk door harder” the body shop owner requested. Contacting my insurance adjuster it is like talking to brick wall ”Your car had accident before and this problem with your truck not closing it was existing problem We have evidences on that and there are part missing from your pervious body work” purely the insurance mission is to ripped off people and see to how much they can get way with it.

M holland
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Desjardin has terrible client service

I have a permanent Life policy originally from State Farm. Ever since Desjardin bought them, they don’t provide annual statements and every year they screw up my automatic annual payment. I’d cancel my policy but that would hurt me more then them.

Narciso Patricio
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

be prepare to waste a lot of time submitting your claim

WASTED SO MUCH TIME SUBMITTING A CLAIM. iPhone app, website, log in to account are very frustrating.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

rates will go up and up

Switching from state farm to this company has been a hassle. Oh Desjardins doesn’t insure that way….your rates were too low with state farm …etc. we now have less coverage for more money. Can’t wait til the term expires. we will be switching to a new home insurance company

Brian P.
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Refused to tell me how much penalty to cancel

Desjardins was charging me almost twice as much as my other quotes, and this was after being a loyal customer for many years, so I decided to change insurance companies. This is when they charged me almost $500.00 for a final payment, and refused to tell me how much of this was the penalty!

Ailyn Londres
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Misleading Insurance

Terrible and hidden increase. In renewing and in cancelling they make you chase them around. Horrible!!! And agents are extremely rude. Not recommended. Never let you know at all they raise your rate. Would definitely share my experience with this company. Very awful

Holly Reid
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

BEWARE – they only want your money , not there to help when you need it

Do not purchase insurance with this company! I’m only with them because my group insurance plan from my employer switched to them from Sunlife to save money I’m assuming. Sunlife was amazing . My dr put me off work early due to symptoms from my current pregnancy and they denied my claim because he filled out 2 forms differently (he filled one out in front of me in a matter of min). They requested more information from his office several times which he responded quickly confirming my symptoms and they took 2.5 months to deny my claim and appeal . They said my symptoms were due to being a stressed mother working from home with young kids during the pandemic when I’ve never had these issues before this pregnancy or been on disability before in my life . I felt discriminated against and hurt by those comments . They also said I can work under my current conditions . Who are they to say that , have you spent a day in my shoes and watched what I go though. It’s a sad example of a hard working honest person who for once in her life actually needed help, they gladly took my money and then won’t pay out in time of need. My dr said he sees this a lot unfortunately. Do yourself a favour and do not give a cent to this terrible company out to only make money .

Jessica Rodgers
Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Desjardins pet insurance

I’m an obsessive researcher and wasn’t convinced that pet insurance was something even worth paying for. After a few weeks of comparing plans I went with Desjardins because they actually are the best value for the money. They offer way more coverage at every level than their competitors including dental and preventive plans that put places like trupanion to shame, are about half the cost, and also have a lower deductible – which is good when you’re unemployed like I am. While my policy was still coming into effect my puppy had 2 non related accidents, both requiring emergency vet care and one hospitalization. The bills were steep and I was worried I would not be able to claim but Desjardins simply deferred my claims, processing and approving both within a day or so of my policy activating. The form is so simple and doesn’t require any special knowledge to fill out. Staff are actually friendly and laid back, and company policy seems more in line with approving claims. It’s the only time I haven’t felt scammed by an insurance company!

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Worst of the worst

They deducted money from my account without my permission.
1. While I was join with them they are saying after 3 months based on your performance we are giving discounts. But they didn’t and I spoke with their manager and then they realized their mistake

2. I called them to cancel my insurance in advance because after finishing my 1 year I am going with other insurance company. And they didn’t terminate and auto renew my insurance without my permission and deduct money from my account. Now days I am calling them to refund my deduction they are saying-“Sorry this is our fault, we will refund your money.” But they are only saying not refuding it, every time they are giving me new date to refund my fund in my account.

James Reinhart
Rating: 2 2 /5 stars

Desjardins insurance treats customers poorly

I had been a customer of State Farm for over 30 years. Ever since Desjardins bought them out, they have done nothing but increase my premiums steadily. I recently cancelled my policy because I found a much more affordable company. They charged me a one month penalty, and had the nerve to send me a letter stating “we hope to have the opportunity to serve you again in the future”.. Yes, when pigs fly.

Andrew Kendama
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

worst of the worst

I have 2 cars and 2 houses under their insurance, took a financing card from BEST BUY under DESJARDINS, just before the pandemic get a TV finance for 3yrs, my understanding from the store was that I was to make my payments any way I can as long all payments are in before the 3 yrs come to an end, which i have been doing, sometime I did pay more, doing the heat of the pandemic according to DESJARDINS I miss 2 payment and now my credit record is on the down full, I when and pay more than I due but for the pass 2 months after my payment was make they are still going after my credit score and record, for less than $250 my credit score i build is now being damage
Can wait to pay their balance and cancel everything of mine from DESJARDINS, they have bad customer service and no one should sign up with DESJARDINS, they will try all they can to damage you even at a time like this. DESJARDINS things for damaging my credit score in 2 months, something i have work hard keeping it up for the pass 10yrs. If I have to pay hard to more respectful insurance group I will but not to DESJARDINS that is doing all they can’t to damage me.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

No good prices

Thieves robs you..

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Worst experience

I have asked and provided all necessary proof of residential address changes. But the company is charging lot more money every month. This is the worst customer service I have ever seen . Very unprofessional as well.

David Grice
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Certas Sucks

Not pleased. Have been a State Farm customer for over 40 years and always get great service from my agent. When Certas took over my first renewal informed me that unless I consented to Certas sharing my information with all companies owned by Desjardins my policy would be cancelled. Last week bought new landscape trailer and Certas software would not allow policy unless I provided information about my employment prior to retiring and level of education; and had to provide my spouses info also. On top of this my credit card got hacked 4 times and when I switched to direct withdrawal no more hacked credit card. The local office is great but Certas and their data mining suck.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

I have forgot one insurance payment and they throwed me under the bus with Non payment status. Not given any notifications through email or phone and am nothing owing to this guys but they put me in deep trouble. I get treated like enemy not as customer. Not recommended to anyone they put it on my record and still not taking it off

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Horrible company, literally criminals

Horrible company that just takes advantage. I’m 22 have a perfect driving record and because of a misunderstanding that happened while I was in college years ago I was quoted at 4800 dollars a year! why? Because I stopped driving my car and was a stupid kid and let my insurance policy cancel on me for non payment when I was stressing over school. I owed 80 dollars and paid it off the next month so the company that I was with (BELAIR DIRECT) lost no money whatsoever. After explaining this situation to the lady on the phone she quoted me at 4800 dollars because she thought it would be hard for me to get insurance anywhwere else. I call that sleezy and taking advantage. Anyone reading this AVOID desjardan I was just quoted by belair THE COMPANY THAT CANCELLED ME IN THE FIRST PLACE AT 280 A MONTH! Roughly 3300 a year! OVER 1000 DOLLAR DIFFERENCE!!!! STATE FARM/DESJARDAN YOU GUYS ARE CRIMINALS!!!

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Worst Insurance Desjardins

I have forgot one insurance payment and they throwed me under the bus with Non payment status. Not given any notifications through email or phone and am nothing owing to this guys but they put me in deep trouble. I get treated like enemy not as customer. Not recommended to anyone

Lindsey Graham
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Appalled by the horrible customer service

Please do not choose this company. They make it their business to deny your claim.

I was first contacted by an adjuster named Karinn Aprile. She came across as inexperienced and extremely judgemental. Firstly, she did not introduce herself or her job properly so I was confused around how much information I needed to disclose. Throughout our conversation she cut me off, drew inferences that did not make sense and she was judgemental. She also kept speaking with this horrible rising intonation where everything sounded like a question.

Karinn did not even call me to tell me about the outcome and instead she sent me an email.

Obviously distraught, I spoke with her supervisor Georgina. As I was crying, she treated me like I had mental health issues and I was incapable of holding a conversation. I told her that I would cry regardless of when I had the conversation. When I thought to say something, she raised her voice at me and told me to let her finish speaking. It was the first time I did that and I was really distraught, which would be understandable! Her method of management is to have control over any conversation and she goes from 0-100 real quick.

Desjardins was the most horrible experience I’ve had with an insurance company, the only saving grace is the customer service I received from the employee after speaking to Karinn and before speaking to Giorgina.

I’m not upset about my claim being denied as much as I’m upset by the way I was addressed by these two ladies. You can still do a cut throat job, while conveying some compassion and humanity.

These two women exemplify lacking empathy. The only solace I take is when you make a career out of denying people and hurting others, there is a form of justice. The would is not about just money. One can have material wealth but be devoid of any character, morality and spirtual wealth.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Deceitful Company.

I’ve been with Desjardins auto insurance for almost 7 years now. In my experience they’re quick to charge interest fees when your late on a payment which is obviously no fault of their own and totally okay. What isn’t okay is the fact that some months they decide to take your payment out 3 days early without telling you. When that happens you the customer has to contact them fight for your NSF fees back (if you have) wait for a cheque in the mail and of course remind them not to charge you interest on a payment they took out too early. This has happened to me too many times now. If payments are coming out three days early without notice your basically stealing from your customers.
It’s so wrong to do to your customers, and the worst part is you don’t call to tell us oh hey we made a mistake! Deceitful!!!

Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Great Insurance Company

I wanted to leave a review with this company, Because I am very pleased with the customer service

Dan Lirette
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Beware of David Hills Insurance in Moncton!

First, this note deals with Mrs. Ashley Cochran of Hills Insurance Agency, Inc. in Moncton, New Brunswick. She’s the office manager. With that …

On July 22nd, an individual brought his hard drive in for repair. I own DanTek Solutions in Moncton, New Brunswick. I estimated a short period of time on the drive but was later told it would take a donor drive so I handed that drive over to a hardware technician. The time frame was much longer than I anticipated, unfortunately.

This past Tuesday (September 3rd) I was contacted by the customer’s wife, Ashley Cochran, an employee of Dejardins Insurance. She wrote:

“Hi Dan, this is Ashley Cochran. I apologize but we will have to pick up the hard drive tomorrow. We know you may have replaced a part on it and we will pay you for your service but we need the drive back right away. I appreciate your time. What would be the best time to pick it up?”

My response was: “No problem at all; I will have it tomorrow for you. Just spoke with Luke ”

Her next reply: “Thank you very much. Again, I apologize. I appreciate it very much.”

Drive was given back “exactly” as it was received so as not to cause any financial loss to customer. Customer did, afterall, request drive back … finished or not, as indicated in her texts twice. Unfortunately, the time frame of just over a month was frustrating her and rightly so. Thus, I had drive returned to her immediately, unfinished as she had requested (see above).

On Wednesday evening (September 4th), Ashley Cochran left a 1 star review for service she asked to be canceled. She then went on a rant, stating our company posted fake reviews and demanded an answer. As there are three individuals who manage the account, it would take time to (1) see if her claims were accurate and (2) respond once an internal review was completed.

In a show of good faith, I offered to pay for any recovery fees she would incur elsewhere. She accepted but THEN went on another rant this morning (September 5th) at which point I consulted with the RCMP and was advised to ask her not to communicate with us again and to record each time she did for future possible legal intervention due to harassment. On September 5th I sent an email asking her to stop communicating immediately as I was advised to do.

Ashley Cochran would remove review for approximately $1000.00 as stated in our text correspondence. This is part of the communication:

Me: “Well, as this went south quite quickly on both ends, I’d prefer to draw up a contract which would benefit both you and I. Is that acceptable?”

Ashley: “I will agree to that. You draw it up, I will review it to determine if I feel it’s acceptable and if anything should be adjusted.”

Me: “Ok will do. In the meantime, will you remove review? And when will you be receiving drive back so I have an idea?”

Ashley: “I will remove when we come to an agreement.”

Granted, I did offer as I felt I had no other recourse as her libelous review financially harmed my business. I received counsel on the texts and was told to immediately stop communicating; that this was unethical and I obliged in asking her to stop communicating with me.

Why am I posting this? I am outraged that you work with such individuals. While we all have our own version of events, it’s beyond reprehensible that a so-called “professional” would engage in malicious libel and what appears to have gone into the area of extortion. Perhaps not … perhaps so. One thing “is” certain: receiving $1000.00 to remove a negative review is certainly unethical.

Mrs. Cochran and I became heated in our exchanges. She continued to blame my company for not retrieving her data that she brought in “because” of a hard drive failure. We simply couldn’t get it back; plain and simple. She became so infuriated that she then began to engage in libel and defamatory statements, without merit. Her opinion isn’t valid; evidence backed by solid data is valid. Claims are one thing; showing evidence is quite another. She made the ridiculous claim that we had false positive reviews. If this is correct, Mrs. Cochran posted these “false reviews” and libeled my company. I have yet to have seen a single review that was false. Her claim is nonsense but has also harmed our business financially.

At the end of the day, we did nothing to her drive, either positive OR negative. We simply couldn’t extract the data … and she wasn’t charged a cent. We reversed our work once she requested drive back and returned it exactly as it was provided to us.

Your firm represents professionalism. If Mrs. Cochran has engaged in this conduct with me… is this her conduct in the office where she represents Desjardins? Have others been taken advantage of unknowingly? I would encourage you to investigate Ashley Cochran’s interactions with anyone she’s dealt with financially.

I refuse to pay for a negative review to be removed; especially a review based on libel and unsubstantiated claims of false reviews, unprofessionalism, etc. I was fearful and felt backed into a corner but after receiving counsel, I no longer feel this way. Her maliciousness has been relentless and I am asking you to ensure that such behavior does not occur with those who trust you with their insurance needs, etc. I will be following up with you in the coming weeks as well as writing to head office as while you may feel this is a “personal” matter, I believe it’s a matter directly related to her character and to her dealing with customers. I would hate to learn in the future that others were approached in the same manner that we were. If these are the types of individuals who represent your company… people need to know and be aware!