Founded in 1891, The Great-West Life Assurance Company has personal and commercial insurance lines with a focus on life, health, and businesses of all sizes.

The Great-West Life Assurance Company

HeadquartersWinnipeg, Manitoba
Employees18,400 (2008)
Products*Life, Disability, Critical Illness, Health, & Dental Insurance
Provinces LicensedAB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, NU, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT
*Insurance coverage and availability may vary by province. Speak with your broker for details.

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Company Overview

Great-West Life Insurance offers full lines of health and wellness product and has a strong reputation for developing customized solutions for businesses of all sizes, particularly small businesses. Canadians can turn to Great-West Life Insurance for:

  • Straightforward, easy to understand coverage
  • The stability of a company that has been in business since 1891 and has almost $50 billion in assets
  • Help with putting together the perfect benefits package for their small business that includes health and dental insurance
  • An insurance company that also has comprehensive wealth management and retirement consulting services

Great-West Life Insurance puts its money where its mouth is when it talks about community support. This is one of the few insurance companies in Canada that offers the Key To Giving Program that helps non-profit health organizations to do their work throughout Canada.

Great-West Life Insurance Advantages

Consumers who want a simple approach to their various personal or commercial insurance needs will like the way that Great-West Life Insurance and its network of brokers does business. The company has set up its offerings to either be stand alone products, or they can be customized to meet a variety of needs. When consumers decide to do business with Great-West Life Insurance, it is usually for such benefits as:

  • A Belief In Relationships – The roots that Great-West Life Insurance puts down in the communities it serves are always very deep. Clients benefit from the synergy Great-West Life Insurance creates when it combines the work it does within the various communities, with the services it offers its clients. The company takes its ties to its customers and their communities very seriously.
  • Strong Underwriting Experience – After over a century in business and utilizing the same core underwriting processes at the same time, Great-West Life Insurance has developed stable and effective methods for solving customer issues. The company continually works on improving is already experienced underwriting methods, which helps to deliver precise solutions to each client.
  • Turnkey Financial Services – Great-West Life Insurance offers very comprehensive financial consulting and investment services to go along with its insurance offerings. The two types of businesses often cross, such as the company’s whole life policy options with investment vehicles attached. Consumers find that they can take care of most of their long-term financial needs by dealing with Great-West Life Insurance.

Great-West Life Insurance Insurance Products

Great-West Life Insurance focuses mainly on life and health insurance products for its commercial and personal lines of insurance. Brokers can help create personalized solutions for clients, and Great-West Life Insurance is famous for its ability to help businesses put together benefits packages that make sense.

Individual Insurance

The line of insurance that Great-West Life Insurance named individual insurance looks a lot like a commercial insurance line. But Great-West Life Insurance is able to deliver personal solutions for life and health insurance that are extremely comprehensive.

  • Term life insurance for short-term protection
  • Participating life insurance that includes a variety of tax and income benefits
  • Whole life insurance that includes a comprehensive investment vehicle
  • Personal disability insurance
  • Critical illness coverage to offer a lump sum payment that helps cover the costs of recovering from a serious illness or injury
  • Comprehensive family health and dental insurance

Group Benefits

The Great-West Life Insurance group benefits offering can help your business to offer extended health benefits to your employees and as an enticement to employment prospects. The company has a streamlined claims system in place that makes it easy for doctors, employees, and anyone else involved in the benefit administration process to complete tasks quickly.

Business Owner Insurance

Great-West Life Insurance provides the kind of health and wellness insurance coverage business owners need to make sure that their businesses will continue to thrive in the face of medical challenges.

  • Life insurance to help with succession and potential partner buyout issues
  • Disability insurance for owners, key employees, and executives
  • Critical illness coverage to provide cash that can be used to help maintain the business when an owner or key employee is injured

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Interested in life and health insurance coverage from Great-West Life Insurance? Contact one of our Ontario brokers: Speak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

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