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One of Canada’s leading non-standard coverage providers, Perth Insurance has been part of the Economical family since 1968, providing customizable insurance products to special-risk drivers and property owners.

Perth Insurance

HeadquartersNorth York, Ontario
Employees31 (2018)
Insurance Products*Non-standard Home & Non-standard Auto Insurance
Provinces LicensedNB, NS, ON
*Special risk home insurance available only in the province of Ontario. Speak with your broker for details.

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For a quote from Perth or other high risk insurers in Ontario, speak with one of the insurance brokers at Mitch: Speak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

Company Overview

If standard home or auto insurance is not an option for you due to multiple claims or other issues that might designate you as high risk, Perth can give you the high risk auto coverage you need at a competitive price.

You may require non-standard insurance if you have:

  • Multiple claims or accidents on your insurance record
  • Periods of lapsed coverage
  • A standalone rented dwelling that is not your main residence
  • More than one property to insure
  • Any other factor that may make standard insurance inadequate for your needs

Perth does not hire internal agents; its insurance products are available only through their trusted brokers.

Perth Advantages

If you are a driver in Ontario or a homeowner in Ontario, Nova Scotia, or New Brunswick, and labelled as “high risk”, finding a reputable insurance company that will provide reliable coverage at an affordable rate is difficult. Fortunately, Perth Insurance provides just that to those who fall outside of the typical coverage box.

Perth’s competitive strengths include:

  • Partner Programs: Finding a trustworthy repair shop can be a challenge. Perth Insurance has a partner program that is comprised of contractors and repair shops that meet their high quality and service standards. When you have your vehicle repaired at one of Perth’s partner shops, you don’t have to worry about shoddy workmanship or incomplete repairs. Perth provides a lifetime guarantee on the body, parts, and paint repairs on your vehicle, as long as you own the vehicle, when repairs are made by one of the shops in their CERF program.
  • Fast, 24/7 Claims Process: After you file a claim, many other insurers send out an auto damage adjuster to appraise and write an estimate of your vehicle’s damage before sending it for repair. Perth cuts down on turnaround time by immediately contacting one of their approved repair shops or contractors to begin the repairs process. Perth claims are handled by Economical Insurance.
  • Flexible Monthly Payment Plans: Perth offers affordable monthly premiums that can be scheduled around your budget, so you never have to worry about late fees and interest.

Perth Insurance Products

Perth Insurance offers a full suite of insurance products for drivers and homeowners.

Non-Standard Auto Insurance (Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick)

Affordable high risk auto insurance coverage is within reach with Perth Insurance, even if your driving record isn’t perfect or you drive a hard-to-insure vehicle. With Perth, you can insure your:

Homeowners Insurance (Ontario only)

If the only home that you own is not your primary dwelling, if you have more than one property, or if you live in one of the region’s beautiful historic homes, standard homeowners insurance may not be a good fit for you. Perth offers affordable insurance rates for high risk homeowners with unique situations.

Coverage options include:

  • Home-based businesses
  • Additional living expenses
  • Property, contents, and liability coverage
  • Identity theft
  • Sheds, barns, and other detached buildings

Perth Insurance Quotes

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For a quote from Perth or other high risk insurers in Ontario, speak with one of the insurance brokers at Mitch: Speak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

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Perth Insurance
Head Office:
5700 Yonge St, North York, Ontario M2M 4G8, Canada
Phone Number: 416-590-0171
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By far the worst insurance company to deal with. I’ve recently been involved in an accident Nov 13th (almost a month ago now) and the insurance company still hasn’t done an assessment on my vehicle for the repairs!! No one will return my calls or respond to my emails, and when I did receive calls, each representative told me different information. What exactly am I paying for here?….