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RBC Insurance is one of the largest bank-owned insurance companies in all of Canada with over five million customers throughout the country.

RBC Insurance Company of Canada

HeadquartersMississauga, Ontario
Employees2,800 (2023)
Canadian Mkt. Share*0.12% (2022)
Insurance ProductsAuto, Homeowners, Tenant, Condo, Revenue Property, Seasonal Property, Health, Life, Travel, & Mortgage Insurance
Provinces LicensedAB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, NU, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT
*Of all private P&C in Canada by net premiums written, excluding life and purely A&S companies.

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Company Overview

The Royal Bank of Canada (est. 1864) is the largest bank and financial institution in the country, and entered the insurance market in 1993 with its acquisition of Voyageur Travel Insurance Ltd., the largest provider of travel insurance in Canada at that time.

By the year 2000, RBC had acquired Westbury Canadian Life Insurance Company, the Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance’s Canadian operations, and Liberty Life Insurance Company. Today, RBC Insurance offers life, travel, property, and casualty insurance.

In 2016, Aviva General Insurance Company acquired RBC’s property and casualty insurance operations (RBC General Insurance Company). RBC Insurance continues to offer Home and Auto insurance, however are those products are now underwritten by Aviva. RBC retains ownership of its travel and life insurance operations. Despite this sale, RBC Insurance is still one of the largest insurance providers in the country.

Over the years, RBC Insurance has vastly expanded their lines to be able to insure home, business, and car insurance, as well as retirement plans and investment options. Because of its affiliation with Royal Bank of Canada, RBC Insurance has had the benefit of being able to grow without fear of financial problems that can often affect underwriting. Now that it stands as one of the largest bank-associated insurance companies in the country, RBC Insurance uses its experience to create a wide array of client solutions.

Customers turn to RBC Insurance for:

  • One of the most comprehensive lines of auto insurance in the industry
  • Specialized coverage to protect investments such as a mortgage or credit cards
  • Lines of health and life insurance based on years of experience
  • The kind of financial stability and underwriting experience that work very well together

RBC Insurance is known for its ability to simplify insurance and help customers to understand exactly what they are getting.

RBC Insurance’s Strengths

It is hard to find a weak spot in what RBC Insurance has to offer, which is one reason why the company has millions of clients all over Canada. When people do business with RBC Insurance, they expect to take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Simplicity Is The Key – RBC Insurance has always made a point of speaking with customers in terms they will understand. This helps clients to be able to have productive conversations with their insurance brokers, and to completely understand the coverage they are getting and what that coverage has to offer.
  • Wide Range Of Resources – RBC Insurance is a big believer in educating clients and sharing as much information as possible. Not only does the company excel at putting disclosure information in big print and in places where it is easy to find, but it also makes information readily available at all of its business locations, and on its website.
  • Practical Insurance Solutions – RBC Insurance has become an expert in offering comprehensive personal lines for home and auto, and commercial insurance that includes group life, health, and even dental insurance. Whether you need insurance for your business or personal life, RBC Insurance has years of experience in providing those types of comprehensive solutions.

RBC Insurance Products

RBC Insurance is well-known for offering complete lines of personal insurance products for almost any need, and commercial coverage for businesses of all sizes. RBC gives brokers plenty of tools to utilize when it comes to solving client problems.

Personal Insurance

RBC Insurance can cover every part of your life from the value of your home to the stability of your credit cards. RBC’s focus on customer satisfaction with personal lines comes from its direct contact with clients in every one of its business locations. RBC now uses its network of brokers to enhance that personal feeling and deliver superior lines of insurance coverage.

  • Home protection
  • RBC Car insurance
  • Comprehensive travel insurance
  • A range of life insurance products
  • Personal health insurance options
  • Multiple types of loan protection options
  • Mortgage liability coverage
  • Credit card protection
  • Retirement solutions that include a variety of insurance products

Business Insurance

Business insurance is just one category of commercial insurance options offered by RBC Insurance. These are insurance options aimed at protecting the operation and long-term success of your company.

  • Overhead cost insurance that helps pay the bills
  • Loss of key employee or executive coverage
  • Buy-sell insurance to help the company stay in business after an owner retires, quits, or passes away

Group Business Benefits

RBC Insurance has a wide range of group benefit programs that can help you to protect your employees and grow your business.

  • Group benefit options and solutions
  • Resources for plan administrators
  • Resources for plan members
  • The providerConnect network to help bring together service providers
  • Group annuity programs for long-term financial planning

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For both family and business, RBC Insurance has you covered. We are an RBC brokerage partner – contact us for a quote: rnSpeak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

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1.3/5 (19 Reviewers)
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Application Process
Claims Process
Rate stability
Document delivery
RBC Insurance
Head Office:
6880 Financial Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L5N 7Y5, Canada
Phone Number: 1-800-769-2568
andy vandervelde
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars


RBC insurance provided the worst service imaginable. My son had coverage by RBC for his brand new dodge ram pickup when someone pulled out in front of him and totaled his 2022 ram. That happened in january and he still has not received his pay out for the truck and in the meantime he was and had to keep up on his payments for the loan he took out to purchase the truck.( the date today is may 9 2023)Trying to get in contact with anyone in regards to the pay out was next to impossible. I don’t recommend insuring through RBC.

Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

RBC Simplified Life Insurance

I applied for the RBC Simplified Term Life Insurance. I ended up cancelling the application because the process that was supposed to be 20 to 25 minutes over the phone took 1 hour and 15 minutes. The guy blamed me for answering yes to the questions when I raised up the length of the call. The insurance questions asked definitely wasn’t a “Simplified” set of questions, rather but a long and extended version of a questionnaire. The questions he asked me weren’t even relevant to the medical issues I had because they were so generic. Overall was a frustrating process.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Scam money

I lost my credit card and forgot to change the pre-pay. They charge me $50 for that without any notice. Customer service was so rude and won’t let me to cancel.

Kieran Kelleher
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

They must be waiting for us to die

By all of our evidence, we have proven that we qualify be paid for trip interruption insurance. In April we started our claim, it is now December 26. Nothing but platitudes and excuses. I am pretty sure that by now we would have been told to “pound sand” if they were going to deny our claim. Instead, they just are waiting it out. Are there any class action lawsuits against these villains?

Peter Ashby
Rating: 2 2 /5 stars

RBC travel insurance

Returned from a cruise in Mar 2020, after quarantine mailed the claim at first opportunity. For the next six months nothing, then tried phone calls to ascertain the status. Various excuses and apologies. “Will elevate my claim to the next level” . Then the phone calls go unanswered and I tried emailing for the past ten weeks. Nothing no reply.
Worst customer service ever, worst claim handling and I no doubt if I will get my claim settled at all. Thanks RBC travel insurance.

Sab Qur
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Terrible Indian Tele Agents

Please note, the RBC Insurance tele agents are more to make money out of your account rather than helping you out. They try to find out ways to increase your policy premium by any hook and crook. If you dont believe me, just call them and ask for any discounts and then answer their questions and they will try to catch you with any discrepancies (even try to make one) and try increase the premiums…. Just Try… they are working on commission basis !!! Beware of RBC Insurance…

Brian Arnold
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

never buy RBC trip cancelation insuranc

On Feb 13/20 I purchased Cancelation Insurance for April 2/20 for a 6 day trip to Las Vegas
On March 7/20 I called to Cancel the policy only as on March 5 I was tested for an ongoing past illness and was informed that my cancer was present again.
I had waited 31/2 hours for a callback and then another 1 1/2 hours on hold before an representative came on only to tell me that I only had 10 days to cancel the policy and it could only be cancelled for dissatisfaction of policy not for health reasons.
The agent Paul said there was a claim showing which was impossible as the policy was not in effect until April 2 so he would put me on hold and he did not get back to me.
I had asked to speak to a Manager but he said she was to busy.
This was a totally useless 51/2 hours of my life with a totally disreputable company.
Everyone I talked to daily I warn them and will from now on.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Don’t Purchase RBC Travel Ever

I’ve purchased RBC travel for myself and wife and prior to our trip contact the provided number to make some changes to the policy contacted 3 times and each time I’ve been on hold for at least 1 hour and no body answer the call, it is the worth company ever I guess they have either one person at their customer service or they are all having a nap. I will defiantly cancel the policy because I’m thinking if I want to change something on my policy and has been provided me with this type of unprofessional service what would happen if something happen and I will need to claim something from RBC insurance.

wayne richardson
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Difficult company to work with

I attempted to join my house insurance with my car insurance, They refuse because the house is jointly owned and the cars are on my name.
Later when we told them we had a short term renter they declined to give us insurance. Now we have 3 days to replace. We have never made a house claim in 40 years.

Paul B
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

RBC Insurance does not respond to any customer inquiries

Customer Care means communicate and acknowledge the customer and the question. No response for three weeks

Eugenia Mammadov
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Terrible company for insurance

I am getting cold calls on the regular and short of hanging up I have to get rude to the person who’s on the other end just to end the conversation.
Just received another call that sounded like it came from a cellphone of a person who’s walking outside telling me that they are calling from Royal Bank Insurance and that the call is recorded. It took me 4 times saying I am not interested to get rid of them.
Just because I am a client of the bank doesn’t mean that I am ok with you calling me and trying to force me to buy your other services. I am getting tired of asking to be taken off these calls and lists for sales of random services.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Charlatans and con artists

tldr: They want everyone on higher upfront premiums and will lie and cheat to get you there.

I had RBC Auto Insurance for five years. This year they sent me a letter requesting updated information. I phoned them and went through every section of the paperwork with one of their representatives to make sure it was completed to their satisfaction, then scanned and emailed it to them. They cancelled my auto insurance without notifying me, so when I found out, I phoned them and they claimed the paperwork had been incomplete. They never bothered to notify me of this despite having email, phone, and home addresses for me. I tried to renew with them, whereupon their operator informed me that they would no longer be accepting monthly payments on new applications. They refused to make any sort of accommodation for me despite their blatant mishandling of my information.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Aviva is the WRONG choice

I returned from vacation to find a notice in the mail that aviva wants a full years worth of payment’s all at once or they’ll canceled my policy.
NO prior warnings NO e-mails NO texts yes folks, snail mail 3-4 days lost already.
Even if I was home to view the notice two weeks isn’t enough to time to come up with thousands of dollars, I tried to call but the call center is closed at 7pm …figures right.
when I finally got a hold of someone they said they have all my contact info but didn’t use it.
Even if I could hand over $5000.00 immediately they would take 2 weeks to review a new policy and I would be without insurance until then.
I had no choice but to sign with another company and when I told them after 9 years I had to move on they said “No Problem” “Its canceled goodbye

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Big theaft company in Canada

After 2-year finish agreement calls me and asks to make the payment! Now RBC sold to Aviva Umbrella … sure after the bad history with clients … They do that with 3 from my friend they try to rob them after a couple of years. This is disgusting. RBC Aviva your are in the blacklist for all my live & friends & relative.

Sanneata Ramnauth
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Has the worst customer service. I am on hold for an hour and a half.

Dan Santoni
Rating: 2 2 /5 stars

Cheated in the Claims Process

Had an accident over a month ago, total write off. From start to finish has been a hassle with Aviva. Lost my claim, low balled the offer, refuse to negotiate. When they did finally start to negotiate, they wanted comparables, and then ignored them even though they were from identical vehicles. Claims adjuster would not answer direct questions. Company line only.
Total horror show. Leaving RBC as soon as this is settled.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

work injury insurance horrible

When a person is injured at work the last thing they need is a case manager who does not communicate, negates medical evidence, forgets to release income replacement which is already less than WSIB. Continually make mistakes on claim and HR from employer has to step in. It is bad enough not being in pain and physically struggling to get better but to have to fight to get any medical care and income with a rude robotic worker, this made my past year a year from hell. No employer should ever choose RBC over WSIB if they care about their workers. they have not given me any information regarding my claim through the whole process. I have been kept in the dark. It has been the worst experience of my life with any organization

Rating: 3.5 3.5 /5 stars

Weird customer service today

We paid off for our car a year even before the RBC auto insurance lien was set to be up . As they still had the car on the policy after a year of us paying it off on it as having a lien I called in.

The South Asian man (and please I have south Asian decent ) so do not say its racism . I gave him my phone number and address and name and advised what cars we have on our policy.

He even pulled up my account with the number I gave him but he asked it three times even having the account in front of him.

I have been with RBC Insurance for 9 years . I even called in three times recently has we purchased new cars. Anyways he first told me I have to go to the branch I took the loan from . I told him even on the RBC Loan website it even stated for car loans its in the dealership not at a branch its done . Then he said , “how do I expect him to know this as he does not work for RBC Insurance ” My question is then why are you telling me the procedure is to go to the branch I did the application at.

Anyways he proceeded to ask me who is the man on the insurance with me !!! (I have been with RBC for 9 years and this has never happened way after the verification process ) I said he is my husband . He then gave me the third degree asking me again how do I drive my car …because may have to change my policy that was just updates 2 weeks ago . I use the car to drive 2 blocks everyday for my kids to school . Then he asked do I have anyone who comes to see me drive my car. Have never been asked this before unless I was setting up a policy …not asking how I get a false report of a lien on our car taken off !!!! He wanted me to go on line and tell him exactly how many km is my kids school . I already waited over an hour a couple of weeks ago when I added another car on speaking about who drives what and distances . But he seemed upset I should have the nerves to call in to update a false lien report on a car that was paid off over a year ago.Normally I get good customer service . But not this time . I hope the call was being tracked .Because even the fact I gave him my number to pull up the account and he was looking at the account and 3 times still asking for the number etc was weird.

Rating: 3 3 /5 stars

I can’t speak for claims, as knock on wood, I haven’t had to yet. The application process and customer service are good, but unfortunately my rates have gone up by almost double, so /I think I’ll be shopping for a new insurance company.