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November 4, 2015

Insurance for Eavestroughing and Siding Contractors

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Taking care of someone’s property is always a big commitment, especially when it comes to eavestroughing and siding. Installation, restoration, and repairs carry an element of risk, which is why insurance for eavestroughing and siding contractors is an essential part of keeping your business  protected.

Siding and eavestroughing experts working with a large firm are likely covered by company policies, but contractors should take extra care in choosing a policy that provides appropriate protection. Without the right coverage, one simple mistake could leave you with thousands of dollars in damages and no way to pay.

Liability Coverage

No matter how careful you are, there’s always a chance accidents could occur on a job site. Rather than facing the burden of being found liable for personal injury or property damage, choose an insurance policy that can keep you covered when incidents happen. Eavestroughing and siding contractors insurance can include numerous forms of liability coverage, including:

  • Premises liability,
  • General liability, and
  • Personal injury liability.

If someone trips over your equipment or you accidentally break a window, liability coverage will keep you from paying hefty costs out of pocket, protecting your livelihood and your reputation.

Property Coverage

Installing siding and eavestroughing is a big job that involves a lot of tools and equipment. With all of the detailed work that goes into your day-to-day routine, don’t overlook safeguarding your investment in all of your important equipment. Whether your tools are on the job site with you, at your shop, or in your van, the right property insurance can cover loss or replacement costs, keeping you ready to work without sacrificing time or money when damages, theft, or accidents happen.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

As a contractor, you likely drive your personal vehicle to job sites. If you get into an accident or something happens to your car, truck, or van while on the job, your personal auto insurance may not be adequate. Commercial vehicle insurance expands your coverage to include business use, protecting against repairs, property damages, replacement costs, and even injuries in the event of an accident. Whether you routinely transport tools and materials in your truck or simply use it to get yourself to job sites, the right commercial vehicle insurance can make sure you’re protected on the road.

Working as a self-employed contractor can be both challenging and rewarding, and is well worth protecting yourself with the right contractors insurance in place. By choosing the best possible insurance for eavestroughing and siding contractors, you can rest easier knowing  your business is fully covered.

Finding the Right Amount of Coverage

If you need help determining the right coverage or have any questions, our team of business insurance experts is here to help. We can help you determine how much coverage you need and get you quotes that fit with your budget. Call us today at 1-800-731-2228 or drop us a line at commercialsales@nullmitchinsurance.com.  Safeguarding your business is our business!

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