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November 10, 2015

FAQs for Water Damage Coverage (types of Flood Insurance)

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1) How is this coverage different from the water damage already covered by my policy?

The basic water coverage on your policy covers for loss or damage resulting from events such as a burst water pipe, but specifically excludes damage from water entering your property from the sudden accumulation of water after heavy rains, spring run off or overflow of lakes and rivers.

2) Apart from salt water flooding, is there anything else that isn’t covered by the Water Damage Coverage?

International breaches of man-made structures such as dams, dikes, and levees are not covered (in addition to usual policy exclusions)

3) Is the coverage only available or required for a house?

The coverage can be added to a wide range of properties, from house to condos, even seasonal and secondary residences if they qualify. For condo owners and tenants in high-rise buildings don’t forget about contents in basement storage lockers. Contact us to confirm which coverages are available for your properties.

4) How can I tell whether I’m eligible for the coverage?

The coverage is available to most policyholders who currently have sewer back-up, but to know for sure you can contact us to review your policy, and the availability of this coverage.

5) I don’t live near a river, so isn’t sewer back-up coverage enough?

Many flood events occur in Canada that are unrelated to river overflows. The water protection goes beyond damage from river flooding to cover damage from the sudden accumulation of water from events such as heavy rains or spring run-off. Note: if you decide not to buy the water damage coverage, and just keep sewer back-up there may not be coverage for sewer back-up when water from the sudden accumulation of water after heavy rains, spring run off or overflow of lakes and rivers enters your home.

6) Does a deductible apply to the water coverage?

Yes, each carrier has different options for water damage deductible amounts. We can discuss your options with you and determine the best deductible for you.

7) Is there anything I can do to lower my water coverage premium?

Yes, you have options to lower your water premium. Although each carrier has different options, most will allow you to increase the deductible amount or decrease the amount of coverage for contents related to the water coverage. There are also preventative measures you can take, such as installing backwater valves, which may offer additional discounts.

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