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October 28, 2015

Pack Travel Insurance for a Great Trip

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When getting ready for a holiday, all manner of packing mishaps can occur from forgetting your medication to inexplicably packing a dozen pairs of pants and not one shirt for a 3-day weekend, but regardless of your destination, you should never forget to pack travel insurance for your journey. Travel insurance provides a measure of protection against a host of calamities

when you are out on the road or travelling abroad, so it just makes sense to cover all your bases before you leave home.

Benefits of Travel Insurance

As recommended by our own Canadian government, safeguarding your physical and financial wellbeing when out on holiday is the reason why you should seek out comprehensive trip and travel health insurance prior to booking your flight or crossing the border.

An array of coverage options exist to help in the event of the unexpected, which can lead to expensive medical treatment, cancellation of reservations, lost property issues, or even vehicle coverage designed to protect you when you leave the country. Keep in mind, the coverage that keeps you protected here at home is highly unlikely to hold much weight when you travel overseas or cross the border to the United States.

At the minimum, you should look into getting health, life, and disability insurance to cover the costs of medical treatment or hospitalization that you could end up having to pay in the event of illness or accident. That being said however, there are specific questions you should ask before purchasing any insurance policy to ensure you are getting what you paid for.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Provider

In the excitement of getting out of town, it is easy to overlook the mundane details of insurance, but in order to ensure that you have a stress free holiday, you should make sure you understand the following components of your travel insurance coverage:

  • Eligibility requirements
  • Terms and conditions
  • Limitations, restrictions, and exclusions

In terms of obtaining your travel health insurance specifically, if you have any pre-existing medical conditions make sure you get a written agreement that it is covered and be aware of the ‘stability period’ prior to your trip.

Regardless of your travel plans, the Canadian government has great advice and direction to help you get to your destination and back home with a minimum of problems.

Protect Yourself on Vacation

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