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December 2, 2015

Insurance tips for snowbirds and vacationers

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While most of us buy supplementary medical insurance when we travel, as recommended by our own government, we should also make sure what we leave at home is properly insured in our absence. Here are some insurance tips for snowbirds and vacationers so you can travel without worries at home:

Home insurance

  • Drain the pipes: If you turn the heat down, drain your water pipes before you leave, or have someone check your premises at least weekly to make sure there are no plumbing problems. Insurance companies won’t cover damage caused by water if you haven’t taken these precautions.
  • Clear the roof: You may need to have snow cleared from your roof. Some policies don’t cover a roof collapse due to excess snow.
  • Check your coverage limits on valuables to see if you have sufficient protection for loss or damage to these items.
  • Review your policy for other “away” requirements: If your property is left unoccupied or unattended for extended periods of time, the coverage could be cancelled.
  • Stay current: Be sure your policy doesn’t expire while you’re away.

Automobile insurance

  • Stay current: Like your home insurance, be sure your car insurance, driver’s license and validation sticker don’t expire while you’re away.
  • Supplementary insurance coverage: If you will be renting a vehicle, check with your insurance broker to see if you might need supplementary insurance coverage, such as the collision damage waiver offered by rental companies.
  • If you are driving to your destination, be sure to notify your representative if your trip outside Canada is for more than 30 days. Verify you have the proper coverage, vehicle registration, and driver’s license requirements for the area where you will be driving.
  • If you’re leaving your car at home unused, consider suspending certain coverages, such as collision insurance. It may save you money, so ask your broker about it. Just remember to re-activate your coverage when you get home.

Enjoy your escape from winter

While you might be fleeing south to avoid the cold and the snow, it pays to make sure everything will be in good order when you come home. Save yourself from a nasty surprise when you return by following these insurance tips for snowbirds and vacationers.

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