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September 7, 2018

Adam Mitchell on The Insurance Podcast

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Adam Mitchell recently had the pleasure of being a guest on The Insurance Podcast, hosted by Pete Tessier, to talk about various issues within the insurance marketplace and industry in Ontario.

One of the many concepts that Adam captured was that thinking differently is not a recent phenomenon for Mitch Insurance. If someone was trying to understand the culture of Mitch and reproduce it, they would want to hear from Adam about how using the logic of would it be the end of the world is a great way to look at change. It’s this mantra that Adam uses as a question to see if something new is worth trying—the results are fascinating.

Adam is open about the brokerage’s growth since he joined it, as well as what brought him into the business. His story is not unlike many others within the retail side of insurance, where an opportunity due to family relation drew him into it, and he found an unexpected passion and success.

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During the conversation, one theme comes out about Adam and the team at Mitch. While they could make their business lives simpler, it’s not always in the best interest of the customer. Listening to Adam is like hearing an honest reveal of how a company progressed to where it is today and how they go there. The trials and tribulations of growth are presented in a concise way by Adam and show that with business nothing is as easy as it appears.

What you learn about Adam and Mitch Insurance is that while making sales is important, how the sale is made and that the process provides value to the customer is paramount in importance. That’s not to say current tools for automation aren’t valuable but Adam’s belief in his people, and the investment the company puts in them, far outweighs what technology does, at least right now.

Adam’s appearance on The Insurance Podcast is an enlightening, personal look from the owner of a successful brokerage. For those who are customers of Mitch they will gain insight into why they stay loyal and enjoy the service. For people in the insurance industry you may gain some understanding about a great colleague and competitor in your marketplace. For everyone else, perhaps this podcast puts Mitch Insurance on your radar as a possible broker for your needs or a resource to pay attention to within the insurance sector.

To summarize this podcast is not easy but hearing Adam’s insight is to understand why Mitch does what they do and why they are successful. Enjoy the podcast.

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