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The Co-operators offers extensive lines of home, auto, farm, life, business, and travel insurance.


HeadquartersGuelph, Ontario
Employees4,992 (2023)
Canadian Mkt. Share*6.12% (2022)
Insurance ProductsHome, Tenant, Condo, Auto, Life, Business, Farm, & Travel Insurance
* Of all private P&C in Canada by net premiums written, excluding life and purely A&S companies.

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Company Overview

The Co-operators was created in 1945 when a group of Saskatchewan farmers teamed up with an insurance co-op to protect the future assets of the community. In Ontario, a similar co-op was created with the help of a local credit union to serve the farming community. By 1975, the two co-ops merged together, and in 1978 the company became known as The Co-operators. The company has grown to nearly 5,000 employees thanks to:

  • A high level of customer service that is part of the company’s culture
  • The ability to offer financial consulting services along with insurance coverage
  • A strong sense of responsibility to its customers that results in a variety of coverage options
  • A reputation for regular support to Canadian community-based organizations and charities

The Co-operators is based in Ontario, but has grown to be one of the largest insurance companies in Canada. It has established extensive networks of experienced underwriters and financial advisors to support all of its business goals, and to strengthen its ability to be a complete financial partner to all of its customers.

The Co-operators Advantages

The Co-operators leverages its community involvement programs and its business structure to attract clients from all walks of life. As a co-operative insurance company, it can offer benefits to its customers that other major insurers cannot. The company believes strongly in its commitment to the communities it serves, and it also believes in offering comprehensive services for every customer’s financial needs. This creates business advantages such as:

  • Accountability – As a co-op, The Co-operators is run by its customers, which the company refers to as members. Business decisions such as premium costs, coverage options, and corporate revenue spending are all determined by member votes. This allows The Co-operators to continually offer low-cost insurance coverage with high quality features. Many people like the idea of being part of an insurance company that is held accountable to its customers.
  • Real Community Benefits – The Co-operators is very active in helping local communities by offering safe driving programs, investing in local health care facilities, and supporting programs designed to encourage young people to prepare for the future. The members determine how the company will use its profits to benefit local communities and support charitable organizations.
  • Commitment to Members – The company offers a variety of financial support programs for its members that can include professional investment advice. The members vote each year on how to best utilize portions of company profits to offer customized coverage to new and existing members. This allocation of funds to develop new coverage options is called the Sustainability Policy, and it is something the members of the The Co-operators take very seriously.

The Co-operators Insurance Products

The Co-operators uses its extensive network of brokers and underwriters to create comprehensive insurance solutions. With its growing financial resources, The Co-operators can offer its members a variety of coverage options.

Home Insurance

Members have access to home insurance designed to protect any type of residential structure with comprehensive liability coverage that insures your home, possessions, and associated structures. The different types of home insurance include:

  • Home
  • Condo
  • Seasonal homes
  • Tenant coverage
  • Mobile homes
  • Cottages

Auto Insurance

In Ontario, The Co-operators will cover your family vehicle and offer financial protection in the event of an accident. Auto coverage from The Co-operators includes:

  • Liability
  • Accident coverage
  • Uninsured motorist
  • Direct Compensation Property Damage coverage that pays for damages in an accident where you are considered only partly responsible

Life Insurance

The Co-operators has life insurance products that can fit your particular needs. Life insurance coverage includes:

  • Term life
  • Permanent life
  • Business life insurance products
  • Critical illness coverage
  • Mortgage protection life insurance

Business Insurance

The Co-operators prides itself on its strong business insurance products that are designed to protect every aspect of your company’s operations. Business insurance includes:

  • Liability coverage for buildings, office equipment, and inventory
  • Equipment failure coverage
  • Revenue protection insurance
  • Commercial liability coverage
  • Crime coverage

Farm Insurance

The Co-operators started out protecting farms and farmers, and that part of its business has grown and developed over the years. The farm insurance coverage includes:

  • On-site structures and dwellings
  • Personal possessions and property
  • Machinery breakdown, damage, or theft protection
  • Livestock, produce, and poultry coverage
  • General liability specifically designed for farmers
  • Pollution liability coverage

Travel Insurance

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, The Co-operators has the coverage you need. Travel insurance plans include:

  • Residents of Canada
  • Visitors to any part of Canada
  • International students visiting or living in Canada
  • Expatriates

The Co-operators Group Member Companies

The following companies make up The Co‑operators Group Limited:

  • Co‑operators Financial Services Ltd. — The Canadian holding company that consolidates all of The Co‑operators insurance, brokerage and investment management operations.
  • Co‑operators General Insurance Company — Provides Home, Auto, Farm and Commercial insurance through a network of Canadian advisors and brokers, as well as Life insurance and Wealth Management products for the Co‑operators Life Insurance Company.
  • Co-operators Life Insurance CompanyCo-operators Life (Est. 1945) provides Life insurance, Health insurance, and Wealth Management products.
  • The CUMIS Group LimitedCUMIS (Est. 1937) provides insurance-related products and services to Canadian credit unions, caisses populaires and their members.
  • The Edge Benefits Inc. (Est. 1985) provides disability insurance products for self-employed and small business owners in Canada.
  • Addenda Capital Inc.Addenda (Est. 1996) provides investment and wealth management services to high net worth clients, including insurance companies, investment companies, pension/profit sharing plans, and other organizations.
  • The Sovereign General Insurance Company The Sovereign General (Est. 1953 as Merit Insurance Company) is a Canadian owned and operated property and casualty insurer for commercial and specialty operations.
  • The Premier group of companies Premier (Est. 1990) offers a wide range of specialty commercial and personal insurance in Canada and the US.
  • Federated Agencies Limited Federated (Est. 1946) provides Co-operators clients with wealth management and insurance products that include coverage for aircraft, watercraft, D&O liability, environmental liability and commercial property liability.
  • HB Group Insurance Management Ltd. The HB Group (Est. 1988) provides insurance agents and brokers with Auto and Home insurance products.
  • COSECO Insurance Company The COSECO (Est. 1987) offers Home, Auto, and Travel Insurance through a network of brokers.

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Co-operators Reviews

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The Co-operators General Insurance Company
Head Office:
130 Macdonell St., Guelph, Ontario N1H 6P8, Canada
Phone Number: 1-877-682-5246
Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Worst insurance company ever!!!

Most terrible insurance company
My mom is a 47 year old woman with 20 years of driving experience
Riding a suv and we live in the greater toronto area
She paid almost 600 dollars a month for insurance for 4 years with no claim
And one time we had a claim they disappointed us so bad

Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Poor quality employees

I called to receive a quote for home insurance. Miguel R***** was quick to dismiss me and didn’t even bother to reply back to my email or have someone call me back. Not sure what kind of business these guys run. Unresponsive behaviour is not professional.

Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Horrible lying worthless company

Had a claim settled through there affiliated companies DUUO. No TV not only did nobody Answer the phone number for the claims department once. I have been waiting for over 2 weeks to get a cheque I was told was already mailed out resulting in my eviction and now defaulted car insurance payment. Thanks for the lies, making me homeless and ruining my life. Ironic that this is my insurance company that I pay monthly for to protect me from exactly this. These people should not even be allowed to operate.

Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Customer Service

This is my worse experience ever i had in Canada since i came to it by calling Co-Operators insurance company . the employee is disrespectful by the way she talks to me as a client worse way of explaining things and worse by handling a talk back and force not recommended out of my experience .

Rating: 0.5 0.5 /5 stars

You may also want to ask for samples of their work and read reviews from other clients to ensure that they are a good fit for your needs.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Shameless Company

Let me tell you that this company is run by S*tan himself. It’s always an issue when you need them, but never an issue for them to take your money.

Had a leak in the basement (newly renovated) after the recent rainfall, which melted the snow that accumulated the week prior. The baseboard fell off and we believe that there may be a foundational issue. We have Comprehensive Water coverage that supposedly covers surface level water damage, but right on brand, they’re trying to ditch any responsibility.

They sent some guy to assess the damage. This guy was alluding to the insurance not covering this, and also saying that the damage also may fall under our deductible which is $2k. Mind you the Reno’s costed $9k. He’s contracted by the insurance so that’s no surprise.

The adjuster calls today and says that they need to tear out the floor to determine if it’s a sudden incident by checking for mold. If they determine afterwards that it’s not covered, we’d then be responsible for fixing the damage INCLUDING the additional damage THEY createD to check for the mold.

Now what if they decide that it’s covered but it falls under $2k. We have to pay to fix the issue that caused the damage on top of them tearing up our floors. What kind of fools do they take me for? Do they really think this is a fair and just offer?

In response they said that I could tear it out instead of their people. I don’t have experience with that type of work, hence I hired someone to do my Reno’s in the first place.

Insurance companies consistently make record profits, but don’t want to ever hold up their end of the deal.

Not sure what to do? Can lawyers help in this situation?

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars


I’ve had nothing but great customer service from the local office. However, being with them for three years, my car insurance has gone up every year.. It’s no longer affordable and their competitors can give you the same policy for $840 less a year.

Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Taking money from the dead

My mother died on December 22 2022. She did not have a will. This company refuses to close her account because my mother did not have a will. Many people do not have wills. I sent death certificate but they still are taking payments from a dead woman. Such a scam stealing from the dead

Rating: 3 3 /5 stars

Don’t buy from cooperators

Worst company ever, they are not there for you. Will not have your back. They will accuse you of anything, stay away from them

Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

The worst customer service

The worst customer service, you have to wait in the phone line more than one hour. The time is priceless for everybody. Who is going to pay for the lost time we have to wait there on the phone.

Rating: .5 .5 /5 stars

Stay far away from this company

I just cancelled my car insurance with The Co operators after 19 years with them.
In those 19 years my lowest monthly payment was $241.00 and the the highest which is now at $342.00. Every time I called to ask why it was always going up they would just say Premiums have gone up. I haven’t had an accident at fault in over 12 years or tickets in over 15 years. It’s obvious that they don’t care if they lose a customer. I have found a new insurance that quoted me less and even though I have to pay a cancellation fee it’s okay I’m just happy to be leaving a company who only cares about their pockets and not the customer.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Bad Experience with Co-operators

I had a very poor experience with Co-operators, I’ll let future customers decide whether I was treated fairly or not:
My rental house was set on fire by a tenant who was 2 months behind in rent.
I had house insurance with Co-operators, they were called that night at about 11pm and they seemed to handle things quite well.
They sent out a security guard to look after the house because it was now uninhabitable and deemed unsafe.
Tracy C.[last name redacted] (Co-operators claims representative) came out to investigate and document the damage within days.
I was covered for loss of rental income(thank god).
The individual who started the fire was taken to Burnaby General Hospital’s Psyche ward.
The cleanup/restoration crew sent in by Co-operators was Barclay Restorations
Anderson First Rate Contracting took out the permit to do the work was also sent in by Co-operators.
The problem became that Co-operators didn’t come up with a replacement cost amount for a whole year!!
I didn’t object because I was receiving replacement rental income from the Insurance.
I was always reassured by Tracey over the phone that everything ok and going according to schedule.
So no work was done (just the cleanup of the damaged drywall, bathrooms etc.) for that whole year.
I’m beginning to think that they didn’t authorise the insurance amount($113,000.00) until the monthly rent insurance ran its course. When I complained about this, Tracy C. [last name redacted] asked why I didn’t hire other companies and get it done. I said I thought your construction crews would handle it and that would be good enough.
When I questioned the construction crew at different times of the year, they said that they hadn’t heard from Co-operators Insurance and wanted to be assured they would be paid.(If I had known the payout amount was going to happen , I could have paid some construction out of my own pocket)
I suggested that they payout an extra amount of rental income insurance equal to the amount they paid during the year that no work was done. They rejected my proposal.
This was first house damage claim I ever made on a house in my life. Also the first time going to city hall and getting permits for plumbing, electrical structural etc.
The insurance reps are supposed guide their clients through this chaotic time not brush them off.
Both of the construction companies(Barclay Restorations and Anderson First Rate Contracting) they brought in were later taken off their preferred list.
I’ll let you be the judge!!!!!!

Rating: 4 4 /5 stars

Good local customer service

We have great local customer service however in our opinion our home insurance rates have been increasing at an alarming rate every year. It pains us to have to search for a more affordable rate.

Rating: 2 2 /5 stars

Over all insurance costs

It is absolutely GOUGING by all insurance companies to charge insane insurance costs. It’s costing me all most 4 THOUSAND dollars a year to insure my house car, trailer, and truck… I hope one day the government will crack down very hard on the insurance industry. It has become u affordable and nothing more than Corporate GREED for the owners of the insurance company to set thier own families pockets for generations to come at the expense of the people who pay for this service. It’s not about people have to pay for other people’s scams or claims..

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Don’t waste your money with co-operators

Even if the accident is not your fault what so ever, they will treat you like a lowlife POS. Disgusting experience.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Not coopertors

I bought a universal life policy 20 years ago from Cooperators. Premiums were paid. It was a first to die policy. We ll he died in june this year. They demanded a physicians death statement, they would not use a death certificate they refused it. Never mind that insurance is bought for a reason. They didnt pay the policy till October, 6 month after the death. They called it there policy, because of the ammount of the policy. They ignore the writing in the policy on how to make a claim. If you need money right away because of a death you can”t rely on cooperators to be there for you. They will make you wait months to pay you on a policy. I ve been with cooperators for 20 years , auto,home,commercial and life policies. I was treated as an inconveniece by Michelle the adjuster. I did not look forward to talking to her. She was very moody she had an angry demeaner in her tone of voice. I won t be buying life insurance from them again ever cause they don t want to pay and you will wait months if they do.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Stay away

Who increases insurance from $111.25 to $140.25 (26%!) monthly in one fell swoop? 3 years no claims.