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As a subsidiary of The Co-Operators since 1987, COSECO Insurance keeps it simple, with three types of insurance, auto, home, and travel, and offers group coverage options and various discounts.

COSECO Insurance

HeadquartersMississauga, Ontario
Insurance ProductsAuto, Home, & Travel Insurance
Provinces LicensedAB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NWT, NS, NU, ON, PEI, QC, SK, YT

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Why COSECO Insurance Might Be For You:

  • COSECO Customer Service: OneStep™ 24/7 Claims Service whenever you need it for more than just filing a claim. Help contacting emergency services, tow trucks, arranging transportation like a taxi or rental, and contacting your family is available to guarantee you access to the coverage you pay for.
  • Client Volunteer Panel for Disputed Claims: In the event of a disputed claim, COSECO relies on a panel of volunteer clients to determine if your settlement needs adjustment – a one-of-its-kind service in Canadian insurance.
  • A Variety of Discounts: Discounts for multi-line, multi-vehicle, new homes, student drivers, and more.

COSECO Insurance Products

COSECO Home Insurance

In addition to standard home coverage, COSECO offers convenient insurance packages as well as a variety of optional coverage for customized policies, such as:

  • Identity fraud protection – A new standard for the electronic age, protect your identity and your personal information
  • Move with your insurance – an automatic new policy at the same rates if you move while your policy is active
  • Glass deductible buy-down – Reduce your deductible so you don’t have to pay more just to repair glass
  • Multi-line – Save up to 15% on Home & Auto packages
  • And more – Including additional water damage, loss of rental income, earthquake, and jewellery protection

COSECO Auto Insurance

Beyond basic auto insurance coverage, COSECO offers extra protection, such as:

  • Family Protection – Additional benefits if a family member is involved in an auto accident
  • Accident Forgiveness – With COSECO Accident Protector coverage, your first at-fault accident is covered without an increase in premiums
  • Depreciation Waiver – If your vehicle is replaced due to an accident, protect it against loss of value so you are covered for every penny you paid for it
  • Vehicle Replacement – If your car is stolen, damaged, or destroyed, COSECO provides an option to cover your costs for temporary transportation

COSECO Auto Insurance Discounts

  • Multi-Vehicle – Save up to 15% when you insure multiple vehicles with COSECO
  • Driver Training and Student Driver Discounts – Save 20% to 40% for new drivers and training bonuses
  • Multi-line – Save up to 15% on Home & Auto packages

COSECO Travel Insurance

Available to COSECO home, auto, and group customers:

  • Emergency hospital and medical coverage – Health coverage for you should you fall ill or be injured while travelling   Multi-trip plans available – If you are a frequent traveller, choose a travel insurance plan that covers every leg of your trips and insure multiple travel itineraries at once.
  • Trip Cancellation & Interruption – COSECO Travel Insurance includes coverage to refund you if your trip is cancelled or interrupted
  • Baggage Insurance – Coverage to protect your luggage and other travel supplies along with your trip itself
  • Flight Accident & Other Coverage – In the event of a flight accident, accidental death, or accidental dismemberment, COSECO insures your loss.

COSECO Group Insurance

COSECO offers groups insurance with special benefits, easy enrolment, and help for employers finding the right coverage for their employees, with:

  • Savings on premiums for group members
  • Easy, fast enrolment for new members so they can get access to coverage without problems
  • No cost to businesses for setting up group insurance coverage for their employees

Ontario Insurance Quotes

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Let Us do the comparison shopping for your insurance – with quotes from 40+ insurers in Ontario rnSpeak with a broker today: 1-800-731-2228

COSECO Insurance Reviews

1.6/5 (10 Reviewers)
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COSECO Insurance
Head Office:
5600 Cancross Court, Mississauga, Ontario L5R 3E9, Canada
Phone Number: (905) 507-6156
Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Cost is unreal

I was with this company for several years while I was with my ex husband. They actually offered a very competitive rate through his business. When we separated, they first told me they would be cancelling my coverage because we were no longer together and then told me to keep my insurance I would have to pay close to 300$ a month. I have never had a ticket or been in an accident. Staff I have spoken to range from pleasant to rude. Long story short, I switched to another company that is providing me with insurance coverage and tenant insurance for less than a third of what this company was charging me for a regular policy with a 1000$ deductible. I don’t know how companies get away with stuff like this.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

I regret switching to Coseco

I switched to Coseco for the lower rates and I regretted it as soon as I got into my first accident ever. The customer service by the adjuster was absolutely horrible. A previous review said “Their customer service stinks! They work against you not with you… I feel that Coseco and the Cooperators did not investigate properly.” This basically sums up this company in a nutshell. Communication was just awful, I would barely hear from them and when I did it such rude service I felt like garbage even in the very initial phone call. With my previous insurance company when my brother had an accident each representative he spoke with gave such a great service. Wished I never switched. I would never recommend anyone to switch to this company.

Rating: 5 5 /5 stars

Pandemic DISCOUNT.

What is the going DISCOUNT 4 stay home during this PANDEMIC. I have driven 2 times in the past 5 weeks. 38 km total distance. What is my discount?

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Coseco – AVOID like Plague

Buyer beware. Do not get trapped by this company. Worst in Canada. They jack up prices once you become their customer.

Rating: 2 2 /5 stars

Complaint for overpaid auto premium ignored by the investigating section of the section.

Was insured with the Coseco Insurance Company before I became a retiree since 2013, but was unaware of the availability of a retiree discount until this year. Asked refund of the overpaid premium but only received a refund cheque of $15.47 without any explanation or apology in which I find insulting. Raised complaint through phone conversation with customer service but complaint was not answered and request for further information was completely ignored.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars


I am very disappointed with Coseco and The Cooperators. I would never recommend these two insurance companies with anyone family, friends, coworkers, business professionals no one. They may be low in rates. Now I Know why! There customer service stinks! They work against you not with you. Even though I am the one suffering, paying the price for someone’s stupidity I feel that Coseco and the Cooperators did not investigate properly. I am even working with the City of Ottawa Traffic Operations and we will see what that shows. But trust my word NEVER TRUST COSECO OR THE COOPERATORS as they work against you.

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Worse insurance

Our car was stolen its been 2 since April my car was just authorize to be fix 7 weeks later the Agent Apryl no professional at all ask 1/queation a week

Rating: 1.5 1.5 /5 stars


Poor service !! Am now dealing with superintendent of insurance for Alberta to solve this problem

Rating: 1 1 /5 stars

Bad service

I honestly would not recommend this company you don’t speak to one person its,ALL different people giving me different answers

Rating: 1.5 1.5 /5 stars


I’ve been ticket free for 22 years, and I run into a year of bad luck and I’m cancelled? My new prescription caused me problems, so as far as I’m concerned I’m 100% in the clear. Thanks for no loyalty